Why Sage is Number One

There’s a reason that we chose to be Sage resellers. We didn’t decide to work with Sage because it was our only option, we chose it because we believe that it’s the best solution available on the market for construction companies and contractors.

In this article, we hope to detail why it is that we think Sage is such a great option for anyone looking for a construction accounting software.

Everything Your Firm Needs – All in One Place

Both Sage 100 C and Sage 300 CRE are designed to be solutions that eliminate the need for other softwares or DIY techniques. They do more than a typical accounting software would by offering a larger variety of key features designed to make everything simpler and more streamlined.

Sage has features available for estimating, budgeting, payroll (and certified payroll), invoicing, and much, much more.

If you’re tired of using a bunch of DIY methodologies spread out across simpler softwares, spreadsheets, and even handwritten notes, then you could benefit by switching to a Sage solution. It’s the next logical step as your firm grows into doing more than 1-2 projects at one time.

Customizable Interfaces

Almost everyone in your company is likely to care about something different. Your CEO may want to watch job costs in real time while the CFO is more concerned with job profit and job billing.

Since no two users are exactly alike, Sage dashboards are designed to be customizable. With a glimpse, you’ll have the opportunity to view the key performance indicators that matter most to you – not the indicators that someone else decided would be best.

Years and Years of Industry Expertise

Unlike some of the other accounting softwares out there, Sage has been around for years and years – since 1981. Since that’s the case, Sage has had plenty of time to work on constantly upgrading and improving the solutions they offer.

While other companies are still working to figure out how they can best satisfy their customers, the Sage team has been making those changes based on the feedback that customers have been offering for almost 4 decades.


There are a number of reasons that we’d recommend Sage over any of the other solutions available on the market – too many to summarize here. If you’re interested in learning more, we’d encourage you to consider a free demo or a consultation with one of our team members. Everyone on the Techware team is extremely knowledgeable about the construction industry and the software – our team members have at least 15 years of industry experience.

If you’re not yet convinced that Sage is the best construction accounting software that’s available on the market – or if you want to learn more about the options you have – then feel free to read more by checking out our guide to choosing construction accounting software.