In every industry, you’ll find a number of businesses, experts, and publications that have a large influence on where the industry goes, what topics are discussed, and how change is implemented.

The construction industry is no different.

If you’re looking for some of the top influencers in the industry today, this list will give you an idea of where to start. The people, companies, and publications listed here were selected due to their online presence and content posted to social media sites.

Engineering News-Record

The Engineering News-Record, or ENR, is one of the top news publications in the construction and engineering fields.

ENR provides news, commentary, analysis, and information for those in the construction industry. This weekly magazine and website delivers content to engineers, contractors, project managers, architects, and industry suppliers worldwide.

Construction Executive Magazine

Similar to ENR, Construction Executive Magazine features news from the industry as well as information on technology, sustainability, safety, and the legal aspects of being an executive in the construction world.

You can learn about minimizing risks, about technology such as Timberline software, and about the market as a whole by reading CE on a regular basis.

Builder Online

Builder Online provides home building news and analysis and, in ways, is similar to both ENR and CE. However, the publication focuses more on building homes, not commercial buildings, and has information related to residential construction.

For companies that focus on residences, it’s a definite influencer.

 Hard Hat Hub

The Hard Hat Hub is the perfect place for employers to find new employees and for job seekers to identify and apply for jobs.

This employment hub is focused on the construction industry, so you won’t have to wade through either jobs in other industries or employees looking for anything but construction jobs.

Brand Constructors

Brand Constructors is one of the top influencers in marketing for construction companies. This website and the company behind it are construction marketing specialists (perhaps the only company with such a focus in North America).

This means they greatly influence how construction companies advertise their services.

Equipment Today

Equipment Today Magazine is the publication to go to if you’re looking to learn more about the many different types of equipment used in the construction industry.

This magazine breaks information down into a number of categories, including trucks, concrete, asphalt, business, and sustainability. You can either subscribe to the print version or get a digital edition to read on your Kindle or tablet.

Green Build

Green Build is the name of an international conference and expo that focuses on sustainability and green practices in the construction industry.

This conference is one of the most popular and influential meetings focused on sustainability and construction. Those who want to learn more about this area will certainly want to attend the expo and conference in November.