The construction industry is moving ever-forward and the industry trends of 2018 are here to prove it. All sorts of changes are constantly being implemented, and these are just a few of the most well-documented.

All of us here at Techware are hoping for a year that brings positive change and increased efficiency in construction.

Extreme Weather Proofing

With 2017 came an onslaught of natural disasters – everything from hurricanes, to tornadoes, and beyond. The damage that these storms caused is estimated to have cost hundreds of billions.

As a result, weather-proofed construction is in demand. New construction is expected to last through even the most brutal of storms, meaning that what was once standard in construction is now turning into the need for more and more resilient structures.

Of course, the need for hurricane and tornado-proofed structures is necessary more so in some parts of the country than in others, but that doesn’t mean that some of the qualities of more resilient structures won’t become more standard all across the country.

Labor Shortages

It’s no surprise to anyone in construction that the entirety of the industry is facing un-precedented labor shortages. These shortages that are following into 2018 are unlikely to disappear any time soon due to the low rate at which younger generations are embracing construction as a career.

At the same time, baby boomers are retiring at a fast rate, leaving many job openings and no qualified candidates to fill them.

To see any success, construction companies will be forced to find ways to adapt in the face of these shortages – especially as the economy improves.

New marketing efforts will have to be considered to help appeal more to millennials and Gen Z. At the same time, creative solutions will need to be considered to help get jobs completed without having the proper workforce to support the projects.

Green Building

As the economy improves along with technology, demand is growing for construction that is sustainable. Of course, sustainability can mean a lot of different things.

A couple of different green tactics that are becoming popular are recycling construction waste as well as mass timber projects.

While some construction is moving all the way towards net-zero, the far more popular trend at the moment is the addition of green elements as a part of a project.

More Technology on Job Sites

Technology is continuing to make a larger and larger impact on and off the job site. Drones are becoming more and more utilized in multiple different functions and wearable technology is being used to keep job sites safer.

It appears as if improved job site technology will continue to be a trend as we move through 2018 and even into 2019.

It’s never easy to predict what might be next in technology, but as of right now, the most in-demand equipment is related to safety. Since the construction industry has a reputation for workplace accidents, it’s becoming essential to find ways to reduce the amount of accidents that take place on a regular basis.

Technology allows for workers to be just a call away from help and constantly notified of potential hazards as well.