The Best Contractor Software

Looking for contractor software?  Look no further than Sage 100 Contractor.  Formerly known as Sage Master Builder, Sage 100 is the best contracting software on the market.

What makes it so great?

For starters, Sage 100 is intuitive and easy to use yet powerful.  But its greatest asset is probably its versatility.  Sage 100 Contractor software is capable of meeting both the needs of the five man and the fifty man operation.

This is because of the many extended features available for the product such as Sage CRM.  Not to mention the fact that Sage 100 integrates beautifully with Sage’s entire suite of other products covering every area a contractor or construction company could possibly need software for.

As your business grows, our product line grows perfectly scaling with your needs.

If you’re not ready for all the bells and whistles, however, Sage 100 is perfectly capable on its own.

What Sage 100 Contractor Software Can Do for You:


– Estimating

Project Management

– Subcontract Management

Reporting and Analysis

Better Your Business

Find your reports faster.  Improve contact between vendors.  Tighten your job-level security while increasing your productivity.

It’s time to move beyond the basic spreadsheet and generic accounting software.  Sage 100 was made FOR contractors by people who have worked in the business.

Every contractor knows the negative impact using the wrong tool can have.  Sage 100 equips you with the right tools for the job, allowing you to be more efficient and you clients to be happier.