Client Testimonials

In our competitive industry, all the help you get to stay on top of the process and progress of a project can become life and death to a contractor. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Software is a great tool that has all the key elements that any construction company needs to be productive, efficient, and cost effective in the complete process from the notification stage to the final job stages.

Techware – what a great group of service providers; they are just a phone call away and always willing to help and find an answer to the important questions.

Robin Peterson
Business Systems Manager
United Properties LLC
Bloomington, MN

We have worked very hard over the last year to develop and implement our Sage 300 (PE) Estimating system. Techware consultant Jim Hoeppner was instrumental in assisting us develop our database, assemblies and estimating system. We are now moving ahead at full speed using the entire system, including the Buyout on all new products. We look forward to our continued good relationship with Techware.

Michael R. Roebuck
Vice President
Ron Clark Design & Construction
Edina, MN

I would highly recommend Sage 300 Software. As a client of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate since 1997, I have found Sage 300 to be an outstanding and user friendly accounting program. Techware is an added asset to the equation. The sales, support and management staff remain unsurpassed in their presentations and knowledge of Sage 300. Thank you!

Marlene S. Williams
Ramark LLC

We just completed week one of our new business. Like any startup venture, it will take time to have every detail worked out.

Words can’t express my sincere appreciation of your support and commitment to help begin this business, and stage it for success.

Stephen E. Schmidt
President, MechTech


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Wenzel Plumbing and Heating Case Study

Full integration, flexible reporting

When Wenzel Plumbing and Heating Vice President Greg Kupka was tapped to oversee operations and finance, he knew he wanted to rely on the same great software he’d used elsewhere — Sage 300.

“The Job Cost function is probably the primary reason I’ve been using Sage 300 all these years,” Kupka says. “We like Sage 300 software because of the flexibility and a lot of the things it has in the reporting functions.

Automation saves time

Sage 300 software automates many accounting tasks, making it possible to do the work faster and easier. It also makes it possible to get the information back out quickly and efficiently. That’s something Kupka says Wenzel appreciates.

“Project managers are looking for costs at a particular time, and they can get it when they need it,” Kupka says. “They used to do it manually with spreadsheets, and they could never find out at any one time how their projects were doing. Sage 300 has it in the format that’s easy to get to and timely.”

Integration means data flows

Sage 300 software is integrated so all its modules work together and data has to be entered just once into the system no matter how many places it needs to be.

Kupka says Wenzel’s old software was poorly integrated, causing problems every time one part of it was upgraded. “You’d have to make sure it was compatible with the main software, and there was always a delay in putting the upgrades in. With Sage 300, that’s not a problem — the software is fully integrated,” Kupka says.

Wenzel also makes good use of Sage 300’s report writing capabilities, creating many customized reports. Kupka says the software is flexible enough to give them accurate information in whatever format they want.

Wenzel does reports on both a year–to–date and a monthly reporting cycle and both for individual departments and a consolidated financial statement.

“The reporting function of Sage 300 has worked out really well for us,” Kupka says. “You don’t have to go to several different places to get information and put it all together. With Sage 300, everything’s there for one’stop shopping.”