When considering accounting software for construction companies, many new and smaller firms opt for QuickBooks. But as time goes by, and their companies grow, there comes a moment where business owners realize that their current enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution just isn’t going to help them take care of their accounting needs.

In other words, these companies have essentially outgrown solutions like QuickBooks.

This is a great realization for a construction company owner, like you, because it means that your company has had a fair amount of success, but if you want to continue to service your clients well, you will need to invest in a program that better suits your accounting needs.

How Can You Tell if You’ve Outgrown Your Accounting Software?

Software solutions like QuickBooks are simple programs, which prohibit them from keeping up with construction companies as they grow. Most companies end up abandoning the software after a year or two of heavy growth.

If you are running into any of the following problems, you will know it’s time to upgrade to a better ERP solution:

  • You have a high volume of data and need a faster way to enter it into your ERP software.

  • You need a more comprehensive, faster method of auditing bills.

  • You are unable to fully customize your accounting reports.

  • You need to add more users to your ERP software.

  • You need an easy way to consolidate client reports or companies that are paying with multiple currencies.

  • You need to enter more than a handful of transactions every month.

If your accounting software is becoming too time consuming when it comes to getting the results and reporting that you want, it’s definitely time to think about making the switch to a more comprehensive and powerful solution.

Making the Switch

Some people believe that transferring all of their data over to a new software is too much to handle, but it’s really not a complicated process. Transferring over to a new software is better than remaining on a current system that is not fulfilling your needs.

It’s important to note that switching to an accounting software like Sage will not result in the loss of all your financial data. When done correctly, you will quickly be up and running with all of your data on a better, faster software package.

In the long run, you should find yourself saving time and money by making a calculated upgrade. Investing all of your resources into a switch might seem like a mistake on the front end, but in many cases, a more powerful alternative to QuickBooks saves money in the long run by catching errors and saving countless labor hours.

How can you ensure that the transfer is done correctly? The best way to do so is work with a company that has successfully transferred countless clients over to Sage accounting software. At Techware, our team has been making the process easy for business owners for years. Our team goes above and beyond when helping clients make the switch, ensuring that all their data is protected. We even offer classes to teach you and your employees how to use the software. Contact us today to get started.