Service Management

This complete system puts you in control of field purchasing, service agreements, and warranties, as well as preventive maintenance. Thanks to full integration with accounting and service management applications, ready access to data enables you to track and improve your response to service needs.

Service Management Core Module

Raise your performance in the office and in the field. Service Management streamlines your processes through single entry and integration with financial applications. Additional modules further improve your operation by putting you in complete control of field purchasing, service agreements, and warranties as well as preventive maintenance.


Service Agreements/Preventative Maintenance

As an add-on to our Service Management software, the Service Agreements/Preventive Maintenance module lets you track service agreement dates, view preventive maintenance schedules, and program your system to prompt you when service agreements are due. You’re also able to assess service call profitability and account for additional revenue gained when making the calls.


Service Inventory

Service Inventory makes it easy to maintain an accurate perpetual inventory. This module enables you to automatically update inventory at the time of invoicing, track minimum and maximum inventory levels, perform accurate physical counts, look up AKA part numbers and much more.


Service Messaging

Transmit work order details instantly to technicians equipped with alphanumeric pagers to increase your efficiency and reduce technician travel costs. With this additional functionality, companies with Web-enabled messaging services are able to send pages to techs in the field. And every time you page, it gets logged into a reporting and tracking file.


Service Purchasing

Get tighter control by fully connecting your purchasing capabilities with Service Management. You’re able to quickly match vendor invoices to purchase orders, automatically update inventory part costs, and much more.

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