Sage Construction Anywhere

With Sage Construction Anywhere you have access to the real time data you need to run your company. Sage Construction Anywhere is a cloud-based construction software service designed to keep construction projects moving in real time. The introductory release provides a set of web-based Core Services, as well as a way to securely connect the back office with the cloud.

Since you and your team are at job sites, with clients, and on the road, decision making can’t be confined to a desk. Sage Construction Anywhere makes it easy to keep projects on track and your team in the loop, allowing you to have critical project data at your fingertips wherever you go.


Fast in-the-field decisions

Improve your decision-making in the field with instant remote access to back-office project data stored in Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. There’s no need to call office staff for details or be tied to the job trailer to request reports via not-so-convenient remote connections.

Collaborative construction

Increase the pace of your projects by assuring everyone on the building team has the most recent information to foster communication and collaboration. Grant specific data access to building team members both within and outside your company, and even to your customers to give them the visibility they need into the project.

Administrative control

Use role-based security access to easily control who can view project information, and at what level, to ensure the right information gets to the right people.

Security and scalability

Sage Construction Anywhere is built on Microsoft’s industry-leading cloud services platform, Windows Azure. As the industry standard application hosting platform, Windows Azure ensures the highest available level of data integrity and confidentiality.

Simple to set up and use

Become productive right away and without training.


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