Choosing Sage as Your Construction Accounting Software

At some point or another, most construction companies and contractors outgrow their generalized accounting softwares.

It’s not that these applications aren’t any good. The problem lies more within the catch-all style generalization. In the construction industry, there are a lot of moving parts. These added challenges don’t exist in other industries and because of this, most accounting softwares fail to add in features that get industry specific.

That’s part of what makes Sage the best choice for construction accounting software. Unlike most of the other solutions available, Sage is built specifically for the construction industry. Sage softwares have a wide variety of features that are tailor-made just for this industry.

We often see people switch to Sage for:

  • Support from a Team With Industry Expertise
  • An Integrated Solution that Has Project Management, Accounting, Estimating, and More – All in One Place
  • Project-Specific Insights

Having Techware and Sage behind your team can be invaluable. Unlike the people you might find staffing support teams for other accounting platforms, our team is filled with people who have been within the construction industry for years.

We’re able to answer the questions you might have because we’ve encountered all kinds of scenarios in this space before.

Sage is unlike many other accounting softwares on the market due to the fact that it’s an integrated solution. Essentially, Sage eliminates the need to make use of multiple softwares and programs to manage your business. Instead, you’re able to manage entire projects all from one place.

Many Sage softwares also offer you the ability to receive notices, warnings, and other important information so that you can keep track of everything all at once.

Sage softwares also provide the ability to view project-specific insights that are relevant to what you’re actually working on. You can look at schedules, invoices, order statuses, and more.

Sage 100 Contractor Vs. Sage 300

If you’re interested in getting started with Sage software, then you might discover after some research that there are plenty of options available for your business.

Two great options to pick from are Sage 100 C and Sage 300. Both of these softwares are great project management options that have tools for estimating, scheduling, reporting, and communicating. They both serve as integrated solutions rather than one-off softwares that serve just one purpose.

Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Contractor is our recommended option for small to medium-sized firms. It includes everything you need to run your company, organize expenses, and keep jobs moving in the right direction.

While Sage 100 C doesn’t offer all of the features that Sage 300 does, smaller companies should be confident that they’ll find everything they need integrated into this package.

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

Sage 300 essentially offers the base of Sage 100 C, but it also includes some features that are important for mid to large-sized companies.

There are some significant functionalities that Sage 300 offers, and they come on top of the all-in-one solution that Sage 100 already offers. These features increase flexibility with project management, reporting, and inventory.

In addition to that, Sage 300 offers the potential to integrate with various add-ons that Sage offers. As your business expands, Sage 300 can expand right alongside it.


We know that choosing a construction accounting software is a big deal. If you’re just getting started, we’d be happy to provide you with some additional insights as you search.

Even if you are further along in the process, we might be able to provide you with some important information that you can consider throughout your process.

Here at Techware, we’re Sage resellers who have been in business for a long time. We serve the Midwest region and are based out of Minnesota. Whether your business is in South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, or beyond, we’d be happy to serve you.