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What Sage 100 Contractor and Quickbooks Both Offer

If you’re looking for an accounting software for your construction management company, it’s likely that a little research will point you towards one of two solutions: Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Sage Master Builder) or Intuit┬« Quickbooks.

Of course, as accounting softwares, there are features that you can expect from both Quickbooks and Sage 100 Contractor.

While the approach to each category is a bit different, the basic functionality is available. Each software aims to be the best solution in these primary areas. While Quickbooks focuses on being a broadly based accounting system that’s relevant for any business, Sage 100 Contractor focuses in on the construction management industry.

Some of the features both Sage 100 C and Quickbooks aim to provide are:

  • Invoice Creation
  • Expense Tracking & Management
  • Project Management

To understand how Sage 100 Contractor and Quickbooks work within these three primary areas and beyond, we want to take a closer look at what a construction management company might find when attempting to work with either software.

Sage 100 C Benefits

If you’re in the construction management business, then Sage 100 C offers all kinds of unique benefits that Quickbooks fails to offer. This is all due to the fact that Sage has chosen to focus in on this industry.

Quickbooks, on the other hand, tries to be a catch-all solution.

If you’ve ever tried to use a catch-all solution before switching to something that’s tailor-made to your needs, you’ve likely realized before that it is hard to beat something that was created just for you and what you do.

This is the best benefit that Sage 100 Contractor offers – the ability to axe the features you don’t need and expound on those you do.

Quickbooks Benefits

If your business is outside of the construction industry or if you’re just starting out, Quickbooks may be a reasonable solution for you at this point.

Quickbooks offers a simple solution that fulfills all of the basic needs that any business would have in terms of accounting and expense management.

While Quickbooks can be outmatched when it comes to specific niches, such as construction management, the software can be a great solution depending on where you’re at in your business.

In fact, many of our customers started out using Quickbooks and grew to the point that they had a need for Sage 100 Contractor.

Quickbooks & Sage 100 Contractor Feature Breakdown


  • Invoice Creation
  • Basic Expense Management
  • Easy Access for Accountants/Tax Professionals
  • Payroll
  • Bill Pay

Sage 100 C

  • Invoice Creation
  • Basic Expense Management
  • Easy Access for Accountants/Tax Professionals
  • Payroll
  • Bill Pay
  • Construction-Specific Reporting
  • Audit Management
  • Email & On-Screen Notices
  • Payment Control
  • Part Buying & Pricing
  • Support Staff With Construction Industry Know-How
  • Job Progress Reports