No matter what industry you work in, you’re going to want to boost your productivity. This is definitely true in the construction world, where you may always be trying to increase your productivity and efficiency while continuing to build buildings that meet your client’s every need.

One way you can boost your productivity is by using the right technology. While it’s not always the answer, technology can be the solution for many of your issues. Here are a few ways you can use it to improve your productivity in areas that you may have been having issues with.


Having strong lines of communication with your crew, your contractors, and your clients is vital to any project. If it takes a day to get information from your client that can be a day in which nothing gets done. Technology such as smartphones and tablets can make communication a snap.

But it’s more than just being able to call the client from the job site. Now you can take and send pictures and video to the client showing them progress. If your crew has a question that requires you to see something, you can video chat with them and see exactly what it is that they’re seeing.

Using technology on-site also lets you quickly access your information. You no longer need to carry blueprints around, or do you need to be sure you have your entire vendor’s contact information in your phone. You can use a tablet, smartphone, or laptop to access all of your data wherever you are.

Eyes in the Sky

Ever wish you could look down on your construction site and see exactly what it looks like? Now you can. You can use drones to see how things look from the air or to get into very small areas. Using remote-controlled cameras can help you see trouble areas that you normally wouldn’t be aware of.

Make use of Software for Project Management

One of the areas in which you as the crew manager can become more productive is in creating budgets, doing reports, and managing resources. With Timberline software, it’s possible to do all of this quickly and easily. This software lets you keep track of everything from contractors you’ve used before to materials cost to your timetable.

Because all of these things are integrated, you don’t have to worry about making changes in multiple places or in redoing your budget after changing contractors—it all updates simultaneously. You can also search your records very quickly. Need to see which contractors you used three years ago on a project? It only takes a few clicks.

Virtual Training

One new area that has recently become very popular in a number of industries is virtual training. You can now have your employees practice things like driving a forklift or operating other heavy machinery in a virtual setting similar to playing a video game.

You may not want to purchase this technology yourself, of course, but you may be able to find a nearby training center you can send your crew members during the off-season to learn how to operate different equipment for a very reasonable price. Having more people certified on machines will ensure that you’re never without a licensed operator.

What other ways can technology help you increase productivity on or off the job site? Comment below to join the conversation!