January can be a bit of a scramble for companies. It’s a new year with new projections, new construction trends, new investments and more. It’s not really until we reach the end of the month that the year’s work really begins.

After the gloss of the new year wears off, it comes time to really start putting your plans into action. Your budget is set, your plan is made, and whether that includes new cost estimating software or new equipment, the time has come to begin a new series of investments and projects.

But where should a construction manager’s focus be directed this year? The construction industry is forecasted to grow in 2016, meaning new projects will surely be on the horizon, but what’s changing in the way projects are managed, developed and completed?

Here’s what trends you can expect in the coming year:

Bigger Data

By now, most managers in any industry have to be sick of hearing the term “Big Data”, but despite the tepid enthusiasm that the words invokes, it really is a term that is here to stay, and it will change the way construction companies operate.

We’ve written before about how to leverage the data that you can get from your construction accounting software, now we will see in 2016 the true way in which that data will aid construction companies like yours. The metrics that construction software can measure will fundamentally transform bidding, project development, accounting and more.

Wearing More Technology

Wearables have already invaded the construction industry, providing solutions to issues that have plagued workers and managers for decades.

As the technology becomes smaller, more powerful and most importantly, more affordable, we can expect to see a lot of these gadgets fully implemented into construction sites by the end of 2016.

We’ve already advanced from simple wearable devices to virtual reality, and devices like Oculus Rift are already set to be released to the general public later on this year, and it’s only a matter of time before wearable VR devices make their way into the construction industry.

Droning On

Another tech industry that has rapidly grown over the past year is the drone and quadcopter industry. These devices have already been spotted on construction sites, and just like wearables the technology is becoming more affordable and available to everyone.

Companies like Best Buy have already entered the drone market, and construction companies are already benefiting from having drones survey sites and keep an eye on project development.

Better Software

Sage software has already solidified itself as a major staple in the construction industry, and our company has been successfully implementing it into construction company operations for years. Just take a look at a few of our success stories and you can see the difference that it makes.

Are you ready for the surges in new projects in 2016? Update your software today.