Today, social media is everywhere: the logos for Facebook, Twitter, and other sites can be found in ads, on bags, on receipts, and much more. Everyone and every business is on at least one social media site.

Is your construction company on one?

If it isn’t, here are five different reasons why it really should be.

You’ll Get More Business

This is one of the most obvious, but some construction company owners don’t think it really applies to the industry.

Why would anyone look up construction companies on Facebook?

While it’s true that some industries may lend themselves to social media marketing more easily than others, it’s also very true that just about any business can make use of these systems to meet new customers. People will look up construction companies on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or LinkedIn, especially if the company’s profile is listed on their promotional materials.

It’s Free

Social media sites are free to join and use. It’s not like purchasing new construction project management software, which can be a difficult decision because of the costs involved. All it takes is a few clicks and anyone can have a profile page.

The businesses that do the best in social media are the ones that update the page on a regular basis and interact with their followers.

It’s Not Just Another Type of Website

Some people assume social media profiles are just another type of website, but they’re more than that. They’re a unique type of hybrid site that rolls informative websites, blogs, photo sharing sites, and review sites into one user-friendly profile.

Social media doesn’t replace a business’s website. Instead, a good social media page will draw more people to the main website. Additionally, many social media users prefer to interact with businesses directly from social platforms, so they don’t need to leave their social stream.

It Makes a Business More Personable

A company’s website is designed to make a polished, professional impression. It’s there to make a great impression on the visitor so that they will want to learn more about the business and purchase its goods or services.

While it’s true a social media profile should be professional and polished, it’s also true that it can be a little more informal. You can interact directly with customers, add candid photos of your crew on the construction site, and set up a poll for your followers.

Websites talk at potential customers, while social media is a chance to talk with them.

Anyone Can Do It

After looking at the previous four reasons why social media can be great for your construction company, you may have one last reservation: if you’re not an Internet guru, can you do social media? Absolutely.

Most social media sites are very easy to learn how to use. Of course, there are marketing companies that say you need to understand search engine optimization and the algorithms behind each site, and there is some truth to that, but it’s not an absolute necessity.

Anyone who can navigate Facebook on their personal profile will be able to set up a business profile and generate some additional interest in their company.