Because Techware is a project management software provider for construction companies and contractors, we do a lot of work within the construction world. Today we’d like to step out of our usual topics to provide some actual construction guidance. If you’re creating a building, it’s going to need doors.

Every building has doors.

Therefore, choosing the best doors is important.  Here’s some reasons why steel doors just might be the way to go.

Advantages of Steel Doors

Steel metal doors may not be the first thing you think of when looking for doors for your commercial establishment, but they are some of the more versatile door options.

Steel doors work best for exterior-facing doors that need to withstand heavy traffic and exterior elements. Believe it or not, metal steel doors can also be installed in a residence — though they are more commonly used for stores, schools and commercial buildings.

The Construction of Steel Doors

Steel doors are not just one solid slab of steel. Instead, they are typically comprised of polystyrene or polyurethane cores that are then encased in a steel cover. It is best to look for a door with a gauge ranging from 16 to 24 for maximum durability.

What to Look For

When you’re in the market for steel doors with a frame, you want to ensure the door has the cutouts and design that matches your establishment.

Some manufacturers have doors that are solid, while others offer window cutouts, different colors and even framing designs to customize the look of your establishment’s exterior.

Most doors are factory-primed, which means you can paint them to your own color specifications. If you’re looking for a longer lasting paint, consider having the manufacturer do the painting for you.

Steel Doors and Fire-Rated Doors

Not all steel doors with frames are fire resistant. In fact, even wood doors can be fire-rated. In general, fire resistance metal steel doors offer a 20-gauge steel skin and have a 20-minute fire rating.

That means it can block extensive heat and flame for 20 minutes to allow you and your patrons to reach safety. The fire-rating sticker located on the door itself indicates just how long your door is rated for.

Keep in mind that building codes require you to place this sticker where it is visible if installing a fire-rated door.

Steel Doors Versus Wood Doors

A lot of business owners feel they can save money by purchasing wooden doors, but they are sacrificing durability to save a few dollars.

Wood doors offer that exquisite wood grain, but they are expensive — sometimes more expensive than steel. Since wood absorbs moisture easily, it can peel, bubble, bow, twist and warp; resulting in a costly replacement. Wooden doors are not energy efficient and they require routine maintenance.

Steel metal doors, on the other hand, require little to no maintenance.

These highly durable doors are resistant to rust, cracking and bowing, which means they last longer and save your establishment money in the long run.

Since steel doors offer insulating properties, they are energy-efficient and can even lower your establishment’s heating and cooling costs.  

Obviously these traits are especially handy in environments with high precipitation and temperatures.  For example, steel doors in Miami are quite popular.

Steel doors not only come in fire-resistant varieties, but you can find additional security properties that include bullet-proof and chemical resistant.

Steel doors are versatile. Contrary to popular belief, steel doors are just as easy to repair as wooden doors. The only difference is that you cannot repair them with wood putty.

Scratches and dents are a common problem with any establishment’s exterior doors. And, even though steel doors can scratch or dent easily, they are simple to repair and rarely require replacement as often as fiberglass or wood door options.