It’s official: cloud-based software services are here to stay. Over the past few years, many companies from virtually every industry have made the transition. Even Microsoft and Adobe are pushing cloud-only based versions of their software packages.

Hard copies of software products are quickly making their way to the dump, similiar to all those AOL disks consumers were bombarded with 20 years ago. When it comes to the construction industry, and the software that many companies utilize, the transition to cloud-based services is no different.

Have you taken your software services to the Cloud? If you haven’t, there are many great capabilities that you are missing out on. Eventually, working from a hard copy software will prevent you from receiving critical updates and improvements as softwares improve over the years – you definitely don’t want to get left behind.

Versatility on the Go

The most undeniable advantage of using cloud-based software is the ability to take it on the go. Everything from estimating, bidding, accounting and most other software services can be accessed on mobile devices from nearly anywhere.

File sharing is also more easy than ever. You can put your portable hard drives and USB storage devices away for good. Transferring data, analytics and other information is just the click of a button away.

This gives every person on your team easy access to the tools that they need anytime, anywhere.

Increased Security and Reliability

In the early days of the Cloud, security was a concern for people who were hesitant to place their company’s information on someone else’s server. Fast forward a few years, and cloud computing is more safe than ever. There is an immeasurable amount of security in place that protects cloud servers at major companies, and they are often far more reliable than the servers that people who don’t utilize cloud computing have at their companies.

With cloud-based software, you also get the benefit of storing your data offsite. If something were to ever happen to your computer (and something always does), your data and software packages will be completely secure in an offsite server.

Upgrading your company’s computer systems can be extremely nerve-wracking due to the potential for lost data, but having much of your valuable information backed up in the cloud (along with having your actual softwares there as well) eliminates many of those fears.

Automatic Updates

When you use cloud software, there is no need to reassess every few years when your software becomes outdated. Software packages that are connected to the Cloud are patched and updated frequently by their parent companies.

There is no need to ever worry about your software not being able to keep up with the latest technology, and no need to ever consider another software package once you get started.

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