Sage 100 Accounting

Avoid confusion and accounting inaccuracies, trust your financial numbers, improve cash flow, and reduce penalties, late fees, and other pitfalls. The Sage 100 Contractor suite of accounting applications are fully integrated with the system’s estimating, production, and analysis functions you get a complete financial management snapshot throughout each phase of your business.

Accounts Payable

Gain control over bill paying. With the accounts payable functionality, you can better manage cash flow–paying smarter, not just faster. The Accounts Payable system is fully integrated with Purchase Orders, Subcontracts, Job Costing, and Inventory so you can complete your entire invoice entry in one step when you enter a purchase order or subcontract number. The system compares each line of the invoice to the purchase order, preventing overpricing or over–delivery of items without your approval.

Accounts Receivable

Get paid faster with customized, automated billing. Take advantage of different billing methods to automate and streamline your billing based on work performed, resulting in quicker invoicing and better cash flow. Accounts Receivable serves as a marketing, sales contact, and document management tool, as well as a means of managing receivable accounts.

General Ledger

Trust your financial numbers. As the backbone of your accounting system, General Ledger utilizes information from payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and much more to provide you with accurate, reliable financial data and reports. Built–in security features and a tight audit trail help prevent theft, mistakes, and other financial irregularities.


Manage detailed labor costs for greater profitability. The most profitable contractors control every aspect of their labor costs, from hours worked to workers compensation costs, union reporting, and more. Sage 100 Contractor handles even the most complex construction payroll activities including split rates and hourly calculations for workers’ compensation. Payroll automatically generates accurate labor costs by calculating all your accruals as well as basic pay items on a line-by-line basis for every timecard.

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