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Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Contractor used to be called MAS 900 or Masterbuilder.

Techware is a Sage 100 Contractor reseller that helps firms identify, implement, and train for the world’s best construction estimating, accounting, and project management software for small to medium-sized construction companies. 

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Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate – formerly Timberline.

Techware is a Sage 300 reseller and consultant. Sage 300 is built for businesses with multiple organizations under one roof, such as when you’re a builder with remodeling, carpentry, cabinetry and concrete sub-companies. You’ll have the power to drive efficiencies across your entire enterprise.

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Learn The Difference In Sage Versions

Sage has produced construction software since 1984, and the chaning line-up of software can be difficult to undestand.

Understand the Transition Process

Learn what it will be like for your firm when you choose a Sage product.

Unlock Features with Sage Modules

Customize your Sage software with Sage Modules.

Seamless Integration Betwen your ESTIMATE, the JOB SITE and FINANCIAL STATEMENT

End the QuickBooks Madness:

Get the appropriate construction software to manage your operations.


Real Job Costing

Stop the madness of trying to use QuickBooks and Excel for Job Costing. Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE provide you with high-caliber job costing tools that allow you to manage your business properly.


Enter Data Once & Trust the Data You Have

Double entries increase errors, spend expensive labor dollars, and cause lag and downtime when you need information.  With an Integrated Sage solution, you’ll enter data once up front, and it will flow through to every stage of the project.


Account for Construction Specific Details

Things like retainage, union payroll, change orders, subcontractors, insurance certificates, material costs, overages, timelines and invoicing need to be tracked and integrated with estimates, the project managers, and the financial statements.  Only a professional construction accounting program like Sage 100 Contractor or Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate can provide your firm with appropriate tools.

Sage 100 contractor and sage 300 CRE reseller contractors consultants TECHWARE mn

The Process:

Identify & Build a Solution

No sales – just guidance. The same technicians that assist throughout the sales process will be there til training is finished.


Implementation takes between 30-90 days, and we’ve done this for hundreds of companies – we’ll bring a deep well of experience to help your business out.


Our Sage trainers are award winning and the best consultants in the country.  We’ve built a team to help your team understand this technology – and to grow your knowledge over the long haul.

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